Ruggedized Thermal Printer Ideal for Seismic, Sidescan Sonar and Mapping

The V12 is a solid thermal printer with field proven imaging technology. This printer is respected in the field, as it has a 20-year history of providing a reliable plotting solution for the seismic industry. When business success is measured in productivity, you want your printing resource to be fast and dependable.


Provides Unmatched Benefits In Demanding Print Environments

The rugged V12 is designed to meet the demands of high-speed continuous feed printing for Seismic and Well Logging. The V12 is the perfect tool to speed up production as this direct thermal plotter images precisely and consistently every time. 

Desktop v12 thermal printer

Desktop v12 thermal printer

The Basics: What You Need To Know

  • 12” Direct Thermal Printer

  • No ink cartridges or ribbons needed

  • The only consumable you need for the V12 is paper

  • Built for seismic and well log printing

  • Small footprint & portable

  • Rackmount or desktop capabilities

  • Field proven

  • Plotting at speeds up to 4 IPS


rackmount v12 thermal printer

rackmount v12 thermal printer

Features & Benefits

  • Micro stepping technology that produces ultra smooth high resolution, delivers clear, crisp images and uncompromising image quality, print after print

  • The printer has an industry standard Versatec™ or a Centronics® interface as well as advanced print features to ensure that all jobs print fast and perfectly every time.

  • Thermally imaged printing creates fast and cost effective printer compared to conventional inkjet or LED printers.

  • The simplicity of the interface means the system operation is not dependant on the levels of operator expertise.. It can notify you when it runs out of paper.