You may remember I bought an iTerra Lite some time ago. As expressed in an earlier email I have been very satisfied with the performance of the printer but an event this weekend convinced me of the durability of the printer. This is truly an industrial strength printer.

Referring to the photo below you will see a brown line across the back wall. That line marks the approximate height of a shelf on which the iTerra Lite printer, an HP printerr, a computer and various other items now reside. While moving the trailer the iTerra printer fell from this shelf, struck the counter top on the left, and then continued to fall, coming to rest on the floor. After being reattached to the computer and turned on it immediately began printing the first job submitted to it and printed the entire 34 page log as though it were fresh from the box. It seems to have suffered neither external appearance damage nor internal functional damage.

Thanks for building such a durable piece of equipment.
— Darryl Maddox, Wellsite Geological Services

We currently have five iTerra Elite II, and I have to say that the value provided by the performance of these machines is great. As you know, our team of geologist and engineers in Anadarko, work and relay very heavily on these plotters. The rate of failure is very low and besides regular maintenance, no other problems are reported. I know that iSys released new improvements that truly address and fix the few issues reported by us, as the metal swing arm on the simple basket and the firmware upgrade. The solutions provided by iSys made our lives easier, since I support all of them. I really like their performance and the ability to withstand the almost unstoppable use of them!
— Cesar A. Sindoni, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

I have been working with iSys since 2010 and their printers are fabulous! I print over 600 logs a year and until this year, I have been printing with just the iTerra Elite II. We recently acquired the iTerra TL1290 and the quality is amazing and the color is perfect for what I need. With both printers running, I’m able to cut my time down per job, by half.

I print the standard 6.25”, 11”, 12.5” and 12.9” sizes of logs and the data I’m supplying the customer with must have impeccable clarity. That’s one thing you will find with these printers!

The customer service, is unmatched by any other company. It’s worth every penny, I promise. I will never buy another printer from another company.
— Rachell Ortiz, Senior Log Data technician – Halliburton

We use the iSys iTerra IJ875 and iSys iTerra IJ1800 printers exclusively as our main log plotters. In particular the iSys IJ875, it has functioned extremely well and all of the users really rely on it heavily on a daily basis. The iSys IJ1800 is used for our wider logs and does a great job with the plots.

The support we receive from iSys is fantastic and any service request or supply orders are handled extremely well and quickly.

I would definitely recommend the iSys products as they have been very well received and used extensively within our South G&G organization.
— Fred Baggett, Systems Analyst - Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation