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The Imaging Systems Group partners with leading systems integrators and technology vendors to deliver complete printing solutions. We work with a wide range of partners to ensure we provide the best possible service in every scenario. iSys products are distributed worldwide by both our direct sales force and our international agents. 

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The Imaging Systems Group (iSys Group) doesn't just manufacture and design continuous plotters and printers for the Oil and Gas industry. We also specialize in short to mid run digital label printers. In 2008, iSys Label was established. The engineers behind the iTerra Elite II and V8.5e continuous fanfold printers used their knowledge and expertise to develop the APEX 1290 and EDGE 850 roll to roll label printers for the Label and Packaging market.

These digital label printers deliver full color, production worthy labels - print after print. Users are able to print high-resolution label graphics, photos, barcodes and tags on a variety of die-cut, kiss-cut or roll substrates, and have them ready for shipment or the applicator in minutes rather than days.

Find out more about our Label products >>> iSys Label Website