The Imaging Systems Group Inc - Announcing the iTerra TL1290: For Release on May 29, 2009

The - iTerra TL1290 was developed for use in well logging, sidescan sonar, geological, and geophysical as well as other scientific subsurface display.

The TL1290 is the market leader due to its exceptional image quality, ease of use, speed, and advanced features.  The iTerra TL1290 allows wide format continuous printing at an unbeatable 4.75” per second, while maintaining a color image quality that is unsurpassed by other printers.  The TL1290 is designed to give you the advantage of doing more, in less time, with unmatchable results.

There are three features that enhance the speed of the iTerra TL1290; it has an internal hard drive to store large quantities of incoming data.  It has 512MB of built in RAM, expandable to 1GB enabling you to print your data quickly; it has LED technology; and the iTerra TL1290 has an onboard RIP processor with a 800MHz, 64 bit Power PC CPU.  Powered by single pass color LED digital print technology, the iTerra TL1290 delivers exceptional image quality and enhanced details.  While printing at 4.75” per second the TL1290 maintains its vibrant wide spectrum color.