The Imaging Systems Group Inc. and the iProofer: Attending the 2008 IFRA Newspaper Expo in Europe

The Imaging Systems Group will attend its first European newspaper expo from October 27 to October 30 in Amsterdam. iSys will be showcasing the iProofer, a 24” wide format thermal proofer that needs no inks, toners or drums.

The 2008 IFRA expo focuses on the newspaper business.  IFRA CEO Reiner Mittelbach: "IFRA Expo is the only exhibition that presents all products and services for the media industry. It is an allegory for IFRA’s claim to be the leading platform for technology and business.  It is vital for newspaper people."  
iSys will showcase the iProofer at the IFRA Expo; the iProofer is a cost effective, time efficient, top-quality printing solution.  “We are very excited to be a part of IFRA this year to introduce iSys and our Proofing solution”, says Stephanie Jensen, Sales Executive, The Imaging Systems Group Inc.  “iSys proofer’s are a great success in the American Newspaper market providing an efficient, cost effective solution to the editorial proofing departments that has saved them time and money.”

Offering production-level speeds up to 2” per second with monochrome printing, the iProofer is versatile enough to handle the demands of today’s proofing requirements.  This printer produces quick and crisp proofs on bright white paper for the Newspaper Industry.  The only consumable is paper, making the printer very cost effective.  The iProofer’s automated operation allows high productivity while upholding the highest quality, printing images at 400 dpi resolution for each job.  The continuous feed capability allows you to save labor costs by freeing up time spent by personnel.  With single-bay loading that holds up to 500 feet, the printer can operate for an extended period without intervention.  “It just runs flawlessly,” says Stacy Hawkins of the Democrat-Gazette.  The speed of the iProofer has also been key.  “You punch a button and before you walk to the proofer 25 feet away, you’ve got a proof coming out.”

The 2008 IFRA expo will be a milestone for iSys, signaling iSys’ expansion into the newspaper market not only in Europe but worldwide. “iSys is very excited be an exhibitor at IFRA this year.  This is a great opportunity to introduce and expand our proofing solution into the European market, and also educate ourselves on what is up & coming in the industry,” says Stephanie Jensen.