Darryl Maddox Finds a Field Worthy Well Logging Printer

Amarillo, Texas, USA – Darryl Maddox, Owner of Wellsite Geological Services has found a truly “field” worthy well logging printer with the iSys iTerra Lite. While transporting the iTerra Lite printer between jobsites, it slid off a shelf 5ft above the floor, clipped the edged of a counter, landed upside down, all resulting in no cosmetic or mechanical damages.

“I brought the printer home, plugged it in and printed 12 jobs flawlessly with rich and vivid colors,” said Maddox. The only damage was to a decorative clip around the parallel plug that connected it to the computer. Several people commented on the lack of damage to the case, especially considering the damage done to the counter that was struck on the iTerra Lite’s way to impacting the floor.

Maddox delivered his most recent set of prints to a geologist who took one look and said, "That new printer sure makes nice prints!" Maddox did not know what he was used to seeing but was pleased with the praise. The quality of the print reflects on the quality of Wellsite Geological Services.

“I would recommend the iSys iTerra Lite to anyone who is looking for a rugged, quiet printer that consistently delivers quality prints. The iTerra Lite is a fine piece of equipment,” said Maddox.

The iTerra Lite has an 8.5” plot width, utilizing HP® color inkjet technology, incorporating drop on demand print technology. Hundreds of tiny nozzles fire at a high frequency allowing for high-quality print speeds. Please visit www.isys-group.com for more information.